Arboricultura Pere Tella


I am a young man passionate about trees, with the aim of making a more enjoyable coexistence between trees and people, helping both beings to improve their quality of life and thus reflecting a better health.

My professional beginnings began living a life experience in France, in 2019, where at the same time I lived the work experience of working in a company of Arboriculture and clearing works, it was there where with 20 years old I decided that I wanted to better understand the trees, thus beginning to continue training with related training in the field of arboriculture.

At the age of 21 and with a whole life ahead of me, I decided to look for new experiences, so I packed my bags and returned home.

I started a new stage in 2020, working for an arboriculture and forest management company, doing the tasks of felling and pruning trees at height, but also doing forestry work. Without neglecting the training required in such a complex sector as this.

After two years and 4 months I decided to put an end to that stage, looking for new challenges and new objectives within the sector, so I decided to establish myself as a freelancer and make a place for myself in this working world, with the aim of trying a better relationship (to seek balance) between people and trees, since a tree with a good quality of life also improves the quality of life for people, and thus improving health. But if people respect trees, they will also have a better quality and health in their lives. So both beings go hand in hand and we have to learn to respect each other and to coexist together to feed back and live with more happiness.

That is why we have to look for the balance between trees and plants and learn to respect them. This mutual respect allows a feedback from both species, which leads us to live in a happier way.


  • 2015-2017 Medium degree in exploitation and conservation of the natural environment. Institute of Horticulture and Gardening of Reus.
  • 2017-2020 Higher Degree in Forestry and Natural Environment Management. Institute of horticulture and gardening of Reus.
  • Course in tree reading and pruning criteria. Certified by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture.
  • Course on the root system of trees in urban environments. Certified by Árbol, Investigación y Gestión S.L.
  • Course on Introduction to climbing and modern arboriculture. Certified by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture.
  • Course on Introduction to urban arboriculture. Certified by the Agricultural Forestry School of Santa Coloma de Farners.
  • Course of use and handling of platform oriented to work in arboriculture. Certified by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture.
  • Expert course in the handling of forestry cable cranes. Certified by Centre Tecnòlogic Forestal de Catalunya and Instruttori Forestali Lombardi.
  • Pruning course for gardening professionals. Certified by the Agricultural Forestry School of Santa Coloma de Farners.
  • Climbing and aerial rescue course. Certified by the Specialized Forestry Training Center.
  • Specialist course in maintenance, use of the chainsaw and felling of trees up to 380mm. Certified by the Specialized Forestry Training Center.
  • European Chainsaw and Tree Felling Certificate (European Chainsaw Certificate).
  • Phytosanitary products handler license. Certified by the Departament de Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca.


1. High altitude tree pruning

Realitzem podes en alçada per a tota classe d'arbres; poda de formació, poda estructural, poda de branca seca i de millora, poda de reestructuració (seminatural), poda per a resolució de conflictes ja sigui per causa de danys en béns materials o a persones.

Totes aquestes podes es duen a terme sempre respectant la fisiologia de l'arbre i amb el seu desenvolupament futur.

El nostre objectiu és oferir un servei segur i de qualitat, adaptant-nos a les necessitats dels nostres clients.

We perform high pruning for all kinds of trees; formation pruning, structural pruning, dry branch pruning and improvement pruning, restructuring pruning (semi-natural), pruning for conflict resolution either because of damage to property or people.

All these prunings are always carried out respecting the physiology of the tree and its future growth.

Our goal is to offer a safe and quality service, adapting to the needs of our customers.

2. Tree felling

Som especialistes en la TALA D'ARBRES en llocs de difícil accés. Desmuntant l'arbre en seccions per tal de no malmetre cap bé material. Utilitzem materials homologats i específics per aquest tipus de treballs. A més comptem amb una assegurança de responsabilitat civil específica per a treballs en arbres.

We are specialists in the FELLING OF TREES in places of difficult access. Dismantling the tree in sections so as not to damage any material goods. We use approved and specific materials for this type of work. We also have a specific civil liability insurance for tree works.

3. Palm tree maintenance

Realitzem la poda i el manteniment de palmeres: eliminació de les fulles seques, neteja del tronc i també l'aplicació de productes fitosanitaris (tractament contra el morrut roig).

We carry out the maintenance of palm trees: removal of dry leaves, brushing of the trunk and also the application of phytosanitary products.

4. Tree report

Informes d'arbrat

We offer a TECHNICAL ADVICE service for the management of your tree. By means of a field visit to make an assessment of the tree and subsequently a document of management, maintenance and actions to be carried out throughout the life of the tree. The condition, health and safety of the tree itself is also assessed.

5. Tree planting

Oferim serveis d'ajuda en l'elecció d'espècies arbòries, adaptant-nos a les condicions climatològiques, del sòl i de l'entorn.

També realitzem la plantació, si es desitja.

We offer you the service of help in the choice of tree species, adapting to the climatic conditions, the soil and the environment.

We also carry out the planting if you wish.

6. Cutting firewood at home

Asclar llenya

We offer the service of splitting our own logs for firewood at home.

7. Maintenance of green fences

Manteniment tanques vegetals

We carry out the maintenance of fences for both hardwood and coniferous trees, using different cutting tools.

8. Weedings


Weeding services both in green areas with herbaceous vegetation using the wire head, and in areas with woody shrub layer using the blade head.

Working area


The usual working area is the province of Tarragona, but we are also available to work in other areas of Catalonia, Spain and occasionally even in other countries.


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Felling trees at height

Dry branch pruning and height improvement pruning

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Palm tree maintenance